Mistress Cara of the Mord'Sith
Who Needs "The Force" When You Have An Agiel?
30th-Jul-2017 11:52 pm - The Onsen, Sunday Evening
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After several days of increasingly less subtle hints from the squirrels (which given their general lack of subtly to begin with...), various checks of the calendar, and what was definitely not any kind of panic attack, Cara had made plans for the evening. Very good, not overly complex plans.

However she had failed to account for the fact the island hated her. Personally.


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29th-May-2016 01:42 am - Cara's Apartment, Saturday Morning
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The advantage of having your own place was that you could ensure the morning sun never got in your eyes, but that didn't stop Cara from pulling the blankets over her head when the room got far too bright, far too early.

"Make it go away," she whined, ever the height of maturity.

[For the girl.]
17th-Apr-2016 01:13 am - Cara's Apartment, Saturday Morning
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Cara had been on this island long enough to figure out what was coming this weekend (even if she was in denial about it), and as such she being incredibly mature and not leaving her apartment. She wasn't even going to leave her room if she could help it.

Though in a fit of contrariness, she'd locked the balcony door while leaving the front door unlocked. That should show certain people who she definitely wasn't thinking about as she pulled her blankets over her head.

See? Completely mature.

[For those who have a reason to be there.]
20th-Dec-2015 02:45 am - Cara's Apartment, Saturday Morning
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Cara was not having a good day. Yesterday had been...unpleasant, the incident at the Onsen being followed by fleeting, yet vivid apparitions of things she'd done, things done to her, and more appearances of that other version of herself, ready with a cutting comment, a quick fist, or a quicker agiel, the embodiment of an ideal Mord'Sith. Of course, that wasn't the worst of it, it wasn't like she hadn't learnt to endure either physical or verbal blows long before. The other other her, the nine year old who who didn't say a word but just stood there looking at her, that she'd had little defence against.

Then she'd woken up, and, well, given she'd spent years beating down and repressing every single scrap of her natural inclinations towards empathy and compassion as a survival tactic, it wasn't entirely a surprise that she'd ended up pressed defensively in a corner, back to the wall, hands against her temples in a futile attempt to keep some, any of it out.
19th-Dec-2015 03:47 am - The Onsen, Friday Afternoon
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After her class had finished, Cara stayed at the Onsen, hoping a good long soak would do something, anything for the tension that'd been making her twitchy her up since she'd woken sweaty and panting for breath (and not in a fun way) that morning. Gradually she relaxed enough to let her eyes drift shut.

Some time later, she heard the faint splash of another person lowering themselves into the water, then a hand gently stroked along her cheek. "That better be who I think it is," she drawled, not bothering to open her eyes, because first, she missed her girlfriend, and second, almost anyone else doing that uninvited was going to lose the hand.

Nope. )
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That luggage had finally disappeared around midnight, but by then, Cara's mood was so shot that she was looking at a sleepness night.

It didn't help when in the middle of the night, she suddenly started hearing noises in the living area. She padded out, agiel in hand, only to find the television on and a group of guilty looking squirrels on the couch with the remote.


"It's not my birthday," she said flatly. "And when was I supposed to have registered this account?"

As a group, the squirrels pulled away from one of their number.

Cara sighed and sat down on the couch, picking up the remote, because there was no way she was getting back to bed now. "Leroy, do you want to end up like Tino?"

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So. After spending nearly an entire day either brawling with Kahlan's blonde double or fending off her advances, Cara had finally made it back this fake version of the island just in time to hear Zinyak's second announcement. Very shortly thereafter, she felt a familiar sting when resting a hand on her agiels.

Needless to say, she wasn't in the main simulation very long. )

[open, if you don't mind some SP]
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So Cara and Atton's 'beat up the aliens' plan did not go as anticipated, and now she found herself blinking awake.

Handcuffed to a wooden chair.

In which Cara is creeped upon by an evil, gay Bridget Regan )

[Oh, like I wasn't going to do this to her.]
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Cara's bed was at that perfect sweet spot between soft and firm, warm but not uncomfortably so, and she couldn't recall the sheets ever feeling more luxurious against her skin as she sprawled out along the mattress. Which of course was the problem, as there should have been far less sprawling and far more curling up against another warm body. Still half asleep, she patted along the empty half of the mattress, her frown deepening when she found it far too smooth and devoid of lingering body heat. She couldn't hear running water from the bathroom, or things being moved in the kitchen, and if she'd had to leave in a hurry, Surreal should at least have woken her first.

"Surreal?" she called out, just in case someone thought she was being funny again. As she sat up, her hand automatically fell on the agiel she kept within arms reach of the bed, its handle still and silent under her palm.

Fear curdled Cara's gut and ice ran up her spine as she stared down, her grip now white-knuckled, searching for any sign of the dark veins of magic that should have been spreading under and along her skin. Of the familiar pain that came with the agiel's touch, there wasn't even a dull, muffled echo, instead it was lifeless, just like when Richard had... "Surreal?"

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29th-Jul-2015 04:39 am - Cara's Apartment, Tuesday Evening
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The thing about not being able to cook bake worth a damn, was that when you got a craving for the nutcakes your girlfriend liked and there weren't any left, you had to go out and buy them. Naturally, there'd also been a sudden glut of customers, so she'd had to wait even longer, since she wasn't allowed to scare them off if she wanted to actually get served.

Still, she'd gotten what she'd gone out for, and now Cara was triumphantly closing the apartment door behind her, content in the knowledge she likely wouldn't have to deal with any more idiots in the near future.

[For she who knows who she is]
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